SimBench Grids

SimBench provides a dataset of electrical power system benchmark models with grid data from low voltage level to extra high voltage level with full year load, generation and storage profiles.


The grids are received using the following function:

simbench.get_simbench_net(sb_code_info, input_path=None)

Returns the simbench net, requested by a given SimBench code information. Please have a look into jupyter notebook tutorials to learn more about simbench grids and the meaning of SimBench codes.


sb_code_info (str or list) - simbench code which defines which simbench grid is requested, e.g. ‘1-MVLV-urban-all-0-sw’ requests a grid with the urban MV grid and all connected LV grids, both of SimBench version 1, scenario zero and with full switch representation.


input_path (path) - option to change the path to all simbench grid csv files. However, a change should not be necessary.


net (pandapowerNet)


import simbench as sb

net = sb.get_simbench_net(‘1-MVLV-urban-all-0-sw’)